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Displaying impressive past & Present growth to similar suburbs, add Aya Eliza to your property portfolio

Historical Growth

Australian Real estate prices increase at around 5% compound growth per annum; around 2% greater than CPI/ house hold incomes. Example: $600,000 property value at 5% over 20 years increase @ $4,133 per month to around $1,591,979

Reflecting on the area’s historical capital growth over 7.94% year on year for past 16 years (see chart), Aya Eliza Auburn is an exceptional example of a blue-chip investment option as Auburn continues solid growth.

A word of caution: Future predictions cannot be determined by past performance, for any asset class.

Average Growth over past 16 years

Type Rental Estimates Strata Estimates
1 Bedroom $470 - $500 $460 - $550
2 Bedrooms $570 - $600 $650 - $700
3 Bedrooms $650 - $680 $700 - $770

Rental & strata Estimates

Aya Eliza Auburn is located in close proximity to both attractive local amenities and commuting distance to Sydney CBD. Auburn is set to grow in polulation by 18,000 by 2036 and property rentals in the area currently measure 46% of residents. Both of these factors virtually guarantee steady rental incomes for the foreseeable future.

Expensive to maintain features and services (gyms & pools etc.) that are used by minorities are removed to keep strata payments low for all property owners.

Resale Potential

Today you can match your lifestyle and prosperity goals with a property purchase that has all the hallmarks of future growth. Landmark tower developments like ours command a price premium over the long term; Aya Eliza will always be a standout in Auburn.

In an increasingly expensive Sydney market, Aya Eliza offers incredible value when it comes to neighbouring districts with similar characteristics.

Exceptional Value

Protect your resale value and rental yields with our Worldwide Patented Merhis Building System.

The Merhis Building System is designed by structural engineers to meet or exceed the requirements of the National Construction Code and relevant Australian and international standards.

The Merhis Building System has a structural steel superstructure. The structural steel superstructure offers many benefits compared to the traditional concrete.

Auburn Suburb Profile

If you would like to learn more about Auburn as a potential investment opportunity then both REA and Domain have comprehensive suburb profiles,both profiles can be found by following the links below.

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