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Match your prosperity goals with a property purchase that has all the hallmarks of future growth

Historical Growth

Australian Real estate prices increase at around 5% compound growth per annum; around 2% greater than CPI/ house hold incomes. Example: $600,000 property value at 5% over 20 years increase @ $4,133 per month to around $1,591,979

Reflecting on the area’s historical capital growth over 6.9% year on year for past 16 years (see chart), Inspire Blacktown is a great example of a blue-chip investment option as Blacktown prepares for exponential growth

A word of caution: Future predictions cannot be determined by past performance, for any asset class.

Average Growth over past 16 years

Type Rental Estimates Strata Estimates
1 Bedroom $380 - $420 $560 - $600
2 Bedrooms $480 - $520 $680 - $760

Rental & strata Estimates

Inspire Blacktown is located in close proximity to both attractive local amenities and to the Parramatta CBD. With considerable development budget committed to the area Blacktown is very much “up and coming.” This will help rental income maintain a healthy baseline for the foreseeable future.

Expensive to maintain features and services (gyms & pools etc.) that are used by minorities are removed to keep strata payments low for all property owners.

Resale Potential

Encompassed by breathtaking 360-degree vistas extending to the city lights and the Mountains, the 19 storey building is one of Sydney’s most beautiful

Boasting fabulous 3-levels of common areas, the complex also features One and Two-Bedroom Apartments.

Exceptional Value

Protect your resale value and rental yields with our Worldwide Patented Merhis Building System.

The Merhis Building System is designed by structural engineers to meet or exceed the requirements of the National Construction Code and relevant Australian and international standards.

The Merhis Building System has a structural steel superstructure. The structural steel superstructure offers many benefits compared to the traditional concrete.

Western Sydney Airport > ETA 2026

Western Sydney will be the site for Sydney’s second largest airport, the $5.3 billion “Western Sydney Airport” (also known as Badgerys Creek Airport). Scheduled for completion in 2026 it will create thousands of new jobs, open up new transport infrastructure and provide huge growth to Western Sydney and its residents now and for future years. 

Blacktown Suburb Profile

If you would like to learn more about Blacktown as a potential investment opportunity then both REA and Domain have comprehensive suburb profiles,both profiles can be found by following the links below.

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