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A Merhis Living apartment is more than just a place to live; we are committed to making it a place upon which to build an enviable lifestyle. Regardless of your stage in life, an investment in a Merhis Living apartment is ultimately an investment in your future.

Our goal is not to simply provide short-term living solutions but to facilitate the long-term goals of every purchaser. Whether a Merhis Living apartment represents your first home, an investment or a downsizing option for retirees and empty-nesters, we are committed to making it an investment that enriches the quality of your life, while securing your financial future.       

First-home Buyers

Breaking into the property market is one of the most difficult financial steps in most young people’s lives, particularly in the highly-prized Sydney market.

At Merhis Living, we don’t just focus on the challenges of becoming a first home owner, we are all about the opportunities it presents.

The opportunity to be free of paying dead money into rental acommodation; the comfort and security that comes from owning your own home; the financial rewards from watching your investment grow and the foundation of an asset base that allows you to further invest, thus providing for the rest of your life.

All Merhis Living developments are designed and priced with the first home buyer in mind. This allows you take maximum advantage of the government’s First Home Owner Grant and Stamp Duty Concessions. If you can demonstrate an ability to make payments, Merhis Living can also assist with your deposit, getting you into you first home sooner!


One of the core beliefs at Merhis Living is that we are facilitators of wealth creation. The philosophy behind our development strategy is to work from the finished apartment backwards, not from a plot of land forwards.

This approach keeps Merhis Living focussed on the needs of everybody within a Merhis Living community. For investors, this means pricing our properties so as to attract the best yields for investors.

Merhis Living uses our own internationally-patented Merhis Building System technology. We don’t simply outsource construction but instead control the entire process from start to finish. Because of this we can deliver construction to our own high standards, giving you and your tenants peace of mind. It also helps deliver your finished apartment on time, so you can start making returns on your investment.

We also facilitate investors who are building or adding to a portfolio of residential properties. This means giving existing Merhis Living investors some unique opportunities, such as substantial savings through pre-market sales on new developments.


Merhis Living understands the needs of retirees and the growing community of “empty-nesters”. Downsizing a home does not mean downsizing your quality of life, with Merhis Living it is the opposite.

All of our developments include generously sized two and three-bedroom apartments designed to accommodate homeowners looking for the convenience of local amenities, nearby transport options, abundant parking, as well as landscaped gardens and recreation areas without the burden of having to maintain these areas yourself.

There is also the community around which a Merhis Living apartment is built, both within the development and the surrounding areas. Our philosophy is to develop vibrant communities. A Merhis Living apartment is all about giving you the very best of lifestyles.

Owner Occupiers

At Merhis Living, we understand that a home is not just a place to live, but for most of us, it represents the biggest investment we will make in our lives.

We add value to your investment by building in great locations close to shops, great schools, transport hubs, and within employment catchment areas surrounding plenty of recreational options.

Locations, of course, are also tied to one the most important aspects of a home, its value, and by selecting premium locations within emerging or existing communities, Merhis Living supports the growth in value of your home. The history of residential property growth cycles shows that location is the single biggest factor contributing to value growth and, ultimately, wealth creation.

Flexibility Living

A Merhis Living apartment is founded in convenience, practicality and enriching the lifestyles of its owners and occupants, no matter their stage of life of reason of purchase. We understand the pressures of life that lead many young people to focus on their careers and build their financial security. For this reason, Merhis Living has a variety of affordable options from single-bedroom to slightly larger apartments – where your focus can be on modern living at a convenient location, within a realistic price range. 

A Merhis Living apartment can be an ideal investment for younger buyers, something that builds equity to help purchase a larger property or a property you can keep as an investment as you move up the property ladder.

Great locations, abundant amenities and apartments with all modern conveniences are also attractive to people in the share accommodation market. Many young Merhis Living owners rent out second and third bedrooms through share accommodation. It’s not only a great way to enjoy greater social interaction, it is a pathway to paying off your mortgage sooner and enjoying the full benefits of home ownership.

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